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Flash unites a wide range of technologies making your web applications completely decentralized, resilient, performant and censorship resistant, both the frontend and the backend.

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We upload your web app and deploy API functions for you. You push the code, we publish it on web3.

Minimal costs.

BandwidthStorageServerless / API FunctionsTeams
Vercel100GB free, 1TB for $20/moN/A100GB-Hrs free, $20/mo for 1TB-Hrs$20/mo for 1+ members
Fleek50GB free, 300GB for $40/mo3GB free, 400GB for $40/moN/A$40/mo for 3+ members
FlashFree for any amount10GB free, 200GB for $15/mo138GB-Hrs free, $15/mo for 2.2TB-Hrs$15/mo for 3+ members
Enjoy the cheapest, permanent file storage and API functions with 99.9% uptime.

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